Milk Company Sids Farm grew from from zero to 200+ new leads from Google Search Ads

Sids Farm, a medium sized company providing pure, organic milk in Hyderabad, with about 100 employees wanted to increase sales quickly without spending a lot of money. Today, with our help, Sids Farm boasts of the #1 position in Google Search results generating 100+ leads monthly from Google Search Ads.

Online Ads story for SidsFarm
  1. Started with Google Ads Express
    • No Leads online
    • Whatever few calls did come through Ads, most callers were not quality leads
    • Spent ₹90,000 on Ads over 2 months without any result
  2. Tried Google Ads themselves
    • Some improvement over Ads Express
    • Few calls coming through that were relevant
    • only 10 leads after spending ₹20,000 on Ads (₹1,200 cost of leads)
Today results with our management
  • 200+ leads monthly
  • 20-40% of all new customers from Google Ads
  • Cost of getting a new lead is just ₹200
How we improved their performance
  1. More than 40% of their Ads budget was wasted on searches where customers searched for Sids Farm directly. We put in rules to avoid that wasted spend.
  2. Removed Ads from searches which were not relevant for e.g. their ads were showing on searches where customers were looking for recipe. So we setup rules to not show ads on searches like that
  3. Added Ads in searches that they didn’t show up in earlier for e.g. their ads were not showing in searches where customers were searching for competitor products
  4. Found out which ads were bringing in customers vs those that didn’t perform well and improved results even further
If you too are struggling with getting leads from Google Search and are interested in trying our services first, contact us today and ask for a free quote and our low-cost trial.